An Unsubtle Reminder

I am the first one to be hateful. I don’t apologize for that. I have a little poster in my office that says “being crabby and obnoxious is all a part of my mystique.” So when I say that my heart is full of joy and thanksgiving, you know I mean it. 

I have a friend (if any of you know who, please don’t post it) who had a dr call her this week because of a positive result on a mammogram. (Positive in this sense generally meaning really, really negative.) But thank God, all was well. False positive,  so we can all move on.

But I had a friend four years ago who got a positive, and we couldn’t move on. Kathy was my friend, her daughter was my daughter’s friend. We all watched it happen, like a very slow train wreck. 

Our daughters were only 14, with the whole world before them. Kathy died less than a month before her daughter’s middle school graduation. She didn’t get to pick out a prom dress, she didn’t get to buy senior pictures, she won’t dance at her daughter’s wedding. Her daughter is a sweet kid, but her life will never be the same as it would have been.

So, what I am saying is, get the damn mammogram! Yes, it is like having your tatas slammed in a refrigerator door. I know that.  But you guys that read this blog are my friends, and I really, really, don’t want another friend to go through it, and I don’t want to stand by helplessly and watch.

I’m sorry I wasn’t cheerful and full of fun snarks tonight. I am just glad that, for once, the dr. was wrong, and soI am not having to lay awake and pray for my friend.  And when God gives a gift that good, you have to take it seriously.

Get a damn mammogram!!!!


5 Responses

  1. Some of us tend to put off these kind of appointments and I thank you for the reminder. If your friend reads this, she may just tear up over your words.

  2. I’m with you Romancemama. I am a wearer of pink bracelets and my romance writing in the works has my couple meeting to work together on a breast cancer fund raiser. It’s a cause near and dear to my heart. Thanks for the reminder. Will be calling to schedule mine on Monday.

  3. Umm, Sayde, I think 35, but write Denise with the GCRWA – she is a gyn nurse and can tell you better. Or call your health dept/private provider. I can only tell you that I freaked out totally worrying about my friend, and with not wanting to mention my dear, late friend Kathy while we were waiting for her results.

    I don’t want to be ugly (damn, when has that stopped me?) but let’s get real. If testicular cancer was anywhere near as prevalent and as deadly as breast cancer, we would see some major efforts by the insurance companies!!!!

    I am no fan of the president. I am a proud Republican. But something needs to change when there are women who cannot get mammography because they cannot payl And when they get an opinion and cannot follow through because they cannot afford itl

    BTW, why do so many insurance companies pay for Viagra when they won’t pay for childbirth? Weird, to say the least,

    OH,hell. I am sick of talking about health care. I wish I lived in 1815, as long as I was rich! Being poor in the Regency was hell!!!

  4. Sayde- they usually send you to do a baseline one between 36-40 unless you have a family history of breast cancer then it is earlier.

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