Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit for Friday

Okay everyone, today’s the day I draw for our first contest winner! YAYYY, we’ve had a great week here and what better way then to end it with a free book.  Now, remember these books are from my library so they’re not brand new but I treat them all with love and affection. I will give the winner a choice between three books. But since this week our guest blogger was a historical romance writer those three books will all be historical romances.


Now on to my tidbit and Picture:

In 2007 this Oklahoma, red headed cowboy participated in the 4R performance Horses “8” Second Celebrity Slide event along with nine of the best bull riders and nine of the best reining horse trainers in the nation. This event drew a huge crowd and all proceeds were donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma. Cord McCoy is amazing! 

 And he's riding a WHITE horse!!

Okay so now to talk about writing. Yes I use these wonderful tidbits to develop my characters! But since this week seems to be more about queries and synopsis’s I’ll add my process to it. I write paragraph after paragraph that describes each of my characters and their relationship to the story. After a page or so, I go back and mix those paragraph’s into a couple and “BAM”, my query is done and I have left over material for my synopsis. 🙂

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