Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit for Wednesday

“Still not all Sexiness and Hotness”


Today’s tidbit is going to stay in theme with Monday’s. This Tupelo, Oklahoma cowboy was injured in September of 2004 while riding a saddle  bronc horse. The horse kicked in his skull and this cowboy spent three days in ICU then had to learn how to talk, walk, and function all over again. He’s a very Christian young man, and again is always helping with children. There are many, many cowboys out there that are good Christian men, that help with charities and are polite to women, but this young man seems to go above and beyond.

Today my question for my writers is: When writing your hero are they the bad boys that have a soft side, or do you envision men like my cowboy here? I have to admit I’m a bad boy kinda girl, but this man is so sweet and admiring that I think I’ve found my inspiration for my first book of my Cowboys! Gotta finish those cowgirls first though!


Now, go forth and research. Remember to check the tags and research those as well. I’ll be putting your names in the drawing for the book contest on Friday so leave those comments and invite your friends!


2 Responses

  1. I know who it is but I’m going to give someone else a chance. He’s a cutie and a super good guy.

  2. Oh, go ahead! It’s okay! That’s what this is for. You may be right but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow so hit it! Let’s see who you think it is. But if you get it right, next week I’m going get some tough tidbits ready! 🙂

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