Suggestion of a get together

Ok ladies this is an idea I just came up with after reading the last post. Since I have to travel so far.. lets do this if this is do-able…why not after the meeting coming up next month.. move it to Barnes and Nobles and have a pow wow.. bring your material that your having problems with, so we can all work together. Bring your laptops too if you want.. and we can huddle together for a one on one with each other…  Paula

Here’s to Romance.. and writing the best story money can buy.. woohoooDancing


7 Responses

  1. Good idea. Love this picture, by the way!

  2. Thank you.. Elegance.. is it not?

  3. OOOhhh! I want to be her!!!!!

    I love, love, love the idea of a powwow. I have so much I need to brainstorm. I will <> not to be selfish and let you guys talk about your WIPS too, but you all are so awesome, and everything you suggest turns out so well!

    Are we saying into the afternoon after the meeting? I’ll email yall about the logistics.

    • Since I’ll be riding with romancemama, I’ll be going where she goes…

      Love the pic…true classic elegence.

  4. Sounds good to me too. Not only would I get a good laugh from all y’all I’d get another hour or two away from my kids YAYYYYYYY!

  5. Someone close by, should locate a barnes and nobles, address, or a Books a million and I think…. we should mention it to the group in case someone else would like to go? This is just me, so if you want it to be just us that’s fine too. Paula

  6. Will we know ahead of time if we’re meeting after the meeting? B/C if we are, I need to know. If there’s any possibility of getting lost on the way, I’ll be the one. I’ll either mapquest the location, or have to go into espionage mode and tail someone else going.

    Let me know, okay?

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