Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy of the Week!

We all know that this past week I featured Chris Shivers as my eye candy and that I just adore the short little cowboy! He’s so hot!

 Yum, Yum


While I was working on my cowboy erotic book this week I received score cards back from  a contest that I entered with another book. They were horrible, the judges were harsh and uncaring and in some cases completely out of line. Now I was bummed of course to see my work ripped apart but then again since I entered that contest I’ve done some major polishing. However they hit me on story and dialogue being unbelievable and not interesting. WOW! That’s so not what I expected. Now as I’m editing two more manuscripts I’m stuck wondering if any of my work is believable and interesting. How does one get the courage to shrug those harsh words off and move forward?

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  1. Sayde: Same way as the rest of us! You know you have a story to tell, and you know how you want to tell it. You don’t know the judges, don’t know how they write, what background they have, etc. You try to figure out if it is valid and useful.

    Take whatever they say and analyze it. Does it resonate with you? Does it match other feedback you have gotten? Cause, kiddo, if they said anything about apostrophes, you have heard that before! LOL! But if one person questions something you know you shouldn’t change, like how a rodeo works, that’s different.

    Kind of like me and my problem with comma abuse. If someone says, “why do you throw in all these commas?” that matches what everyone else says. If they say, “why is Lord Something wearing a wig?” Well, that is the correct practice for the genre I write, and no one else has ever questioned it.

    So if it doesn’t tally with what other critique sources have said and it doesn’t strike a “you know, she may be right” chord with you, I give you permission to say, “she had a problem with something besides my writing” and ignore it.

    Now, recognize that I am not published, but I have had some writers I really respect (including the incredible Cynthia Eden) tell me this, and it makes sense to me.

    I appreciate the hard work judges do, and I know the overwhelming majority really give it their best shot. In many ways, they are more like an agent or editor, because you have to sell the story to them cold. But not all are infallible, and in the end only you can figure out how to write your story.

  2. Just shrug it off and continue. I’m not sure what they mean by unbelievable…I found much of it funny and could believe it. Maybe they just don’t understand the way we backward folk in the South talk to each other, lol.

  3. P.S, I read the first bit of the cowboy erotica, and I can say without reservation that you have a killer story, you show not tell, and the dialogue is realistic in it. However, I can also say that I have really seen you grow as a writer over the past few months. So given the lag time on contests and that you have rewritten and edited that book so much, I’d run the new version up the flagpole and see who salutes it. (Of course, when you get those scoresheets, you’ll have rewritten it even more, and so on, and so on . . . )

    BTW: post more of the cowboy erotica! You can’t just leave her in that position! (Pun definitely intended!)

  4. sayde- You have amazing stories in your head. I think you have one of the best imaginations around. As a person that has gotten some weird comments on my entries as well, I can relate to how you feel. You have polished your work since you entered the contest and you definitely have believeable characters. I think the whole contest thing is a bit of a “Luck of the Draw” thing. Having gotten critiques on 3 I entered, I have found that the harshest critics are the unpublished judges, which makes me more likely to shrug off the comments as they are in the same position as me. So, as you keep telling me, hang in there. You are going places, girl- don’t doubt it!

  5. And oh yeah- cute cowboy!

  6. Thank you for the support ladies. I have stopped querying one of the books I entered into the contest, also it’s the only one I’ve received score cards back from. And LOL, Arabella, I got in trouble for over using comma’s, ME of all people!! But anyhow, after a long day of cleaing the house I’m sitting down now to work some on my cowboy book and may indeed post the second chapter later. Again thanks ladies!

  7. Sayde: Just Say No to Commas!!!! Oh, you think you can handle them, then the next thing you know, you are mainlining semicolons in a back alley somewhere and turning tricks to buy your next set of parentheses! Grammar is a heartless bitch!

    And I’m gonna be picturing this cute little cowboy while I’m reading the next chapter!

  8. LOL, I was surprised at that comment about my commas, I mean REALLY ME! I put like three in a chapter! Anyhow, don’t use Mr. Shivers for a visual for RIde Em’ Cowgirl, no Mr. SHivers gets his own book. Haven’t named it yet but he’s worth his own! This week’s cowboy eye candy will be who I use to visualize Chet. I’ll post the tidbit tomorrow. Right now I’m finishing up a critique then starting yours!

  9. ok, my turn I haven’t been around to know when this was posted, but Sayde think about this? Who were those women? Were they published authors, or unpublished authors? Let me tell you. Once I entered a contest and was ripped to pieces and the thing.. she never read my genre, and she wasn’t published…so take it with a grain of salt and go ahead.. your stories are awesome girl, and we’re improving all the time. Paula

  10. Your Cowboys are intriguing me. I hope I get the chance to read some of your writing someday. I love the inspiration. Keep sending it out there. You have heard the tales again and again about some of the most successful authors who have more rejections than they care to recall. You will find the right person and the right market. Keep your chin up and I’m going to be waiting for the next cowboy =)

  11. Thanks. I hope that with each book I write, I will bring a new light to the rodeo or equine industry. Today I actually got a request for a FULL of my ghost, paranormal manuscript. This book features cattle rancher and just plain sexy man Colt Bryan. One day I’ll post my inspiration for his character, it’s a true lust at first sighting. Thank goodness for the Southeast Livestock Expo in Fort Worth Texas, otherwise I’d never seen the gorgeous man who inspired me!

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