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Told you I would be the quiet one. Since I haven’t posted this week and in honor of Sayde, I thought I would do a tribute to her facination with the cowboy.

It might not be in the South, and not even a real cowboy for that matter, but I thought the picture was beautiful and might inspire a riding off into the sunset ending. This is actually a statue at the University of Wyoming.

Photo credit – Trice Megginson (1st place finish at Well deserved win if you ask me.


5 Responses

  1. Oh I LOVE IT!! I’ve been out west rodeoing several times and this just makes me crave to be there again! If you’ve never been to Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, or Oklahoma then you’re missing out, these statues are fabulous and there are lots of them out that way. (much like the pelicans in downtown PCola) This is one of the most impressive pictures I’ve seen. Thanks so much for sharing it. Mr.Shivers will have to wait until tomorrow, no way am I posting after this terrific picture!

  2. Speaking of Romance, can’t you just imagine yourself on the front porch of an old ranch home looking out into the corralwith the sun setting low in the sky to see a gorgeous, work hardend cowboy riding? I can and I am so inspired I’m off to edit my cowboy book now!

    • Glad I could inspire someone to write something today. Better than just sitting here staring at the keyboard willing to write something on its own like me.

  3. Awesome picture! Love it.

  4. After reading the first chapter of Sayde’s Ride Em Cowgirl, I am ready to go find me a cowboy!

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