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I am interviewing the wonderful Cheryl Smith, who has just signed a two book deal for her Courtesan series. You guys know I am a sucker for a British guy, and Cheryl will be telling us all about the Duke who features in her first book, plus insider info about getting an agent, getting noticed and getting “THE CALL”!

I’ll be posting the interview soon, but in the meantime check out Cheryl’s blog at ( or just click her name in our blogroll).

And in honor of Cheryl’s hero, let’s have a British Army  3-Way Eye Candy!


That’s  a very young Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors, plus James Purefoy and Rhys Ifans — three more reasons I love Britain!


4 Responses

  1. I just love the name Rhys (which is Welsh name meaning “heat of passion”) I named a character in one of my first stories Rhys and liked him so much he got his own story.

    Would so love to get heated and passionate with these guys.

  2. I didn’t know that was what Rhys meant. I just know that every guy I’ve ever seen named Rhys was overloaded with British hotness! Hmm, Rhys, a Welsh nobleman, plus a snarky heroine . . .

    I feel a story coming on!

  3. Sounds like a winner…mine is an egotistic Fairy Prince who likes to cause trouble and looks like a lead singer in a punk rock band.

    Long, spiky blonde hair with blue tips…don’t see your Welsh nobleman adopting this persona (although I’m sure he’d create quite the sensation if he did). Love to hear what the ‘Ton would say about that.

  4. My younger son’s name is a form of Rhys. I have always loved the name!

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