Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit

Alright ladies, today I’d thought I’d give y’all a glance at the danger side of bull riding. Yes, we all know these guys are strapping themselves onto a huge 1500 Ilb bull, or thereabouts, by CHOICE! Crazy right! It might be but boy oh boy is it hot! I’m also a HUGE fan of bareback and saddle bronc but we’ll get into that next week!

Today however here we have Mr. Chris Shivers(yes, he makes me shiver just thinking about him), hung up in the bull rope. Thank God for bull fighters that are brave enough to go aid these cowboys. I will be posting about them later also. You’ll see that Chris is wearing a helmet which is NOT required unlike the vest they all wear. He was a bull rider who swore he’d never wear one, yet after getting injured badly he quickly changed his mind and will not ride without it now.

Writing about bull riders I visualize them but not once on any of them is there ever a helmet? So when you’re writing and the object of your visualization is not cooperating do you overlook it or incorporate it? Me, OVERLOOK!! Fantasize baby, fantasize!

Watch OUT!

Watch OUT!


3 Responses

  1. Yeah, Overlook- who could kiss him with his face all covered up like that!?

  2. Now I have always been a fan of bull riding, I have never been to one.. but when they come on television I’m there. I like the horses too, but the bull riding is my favorite.

  3. I think the danger factor entices a lot of people to watch bull riding but what most people don’t realize is how dangerous bucking horse are. Horse’s think, maneuver and know where they’re kicking. Horse’s are tough! Love it.

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