Sayde’s Cowboy Eye Candy Tidbit of the Day

Oh, ladies you have all been wonderful guessing and it’s so much fun to search the Internet looking. Today however, I’m going to share a picture of this cowboy riding in the 2008 PBR Finals. This picture was taken during the sixth round and he rode to score a 91, I believe.  Anyhow let’s see what we’ve got. I hope you enjoy and remember keep the guessing coming, you never know when I might post someone you’ve thought of.



5 Responses

  1. Looks like the boy can stay in the saddle no matter how rough the ride gets!

    Take that in whatever context you choose . . . .

  2. He DOES look short!

  3. Would your hottie cowboy be Chris Shivers? Found a picture with him wearing some be still my beating heart chaps. Short yes but I see LOTS of potential.

  4. Oh Darlene!! It is Chris Shivers! Is he not the cutest and sexiest little thing ever! He’s my favorite bull rider, although there are some I think are more handsome he is still my pick of all! Just something about the 5ft 4 inch cowboy that makes me melt! Look again tomorrow for more info about him and maybe a picture or two!

  5. I will definitely be checking back to see some more sizzle. Thanks for sharing your cowboys. =)

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