Lie if You Must!

I have a little pin-on button that I found somewhere in my journeys. It says “I need praise. Lie if you must.”

I am basically there. I know GWTW got 38 rejections, I know LeGuin was called “unreadable”, yada yada. I’m not saying I expect my baby to sell. But isn’t there something between “My God, woman, this is trash” and a 3-book deal?
Ok, ok, no one has said “this is trash”, but there has been no, “this is good” either.
I would like a little bit of praise. Lie if you must.



Oh, well, when all else fails, post eye-candy. I seem to get good feedback from that!

So here is one of my all time favorites:

the inimitable George!



8 Responses

  1. Yes, GEORGE!! And yes, rejection is hard, but at least you are trying. And there is no reason to lie, I sincerley enjoy every chapter you post.

  2. Ok this is a sucky post all the way around. CHIN UP and quit posting “THE SMUG ONE” on this blog! LOL! AND What kind of cheese do you like with your whine?? LOVE YA

  3. Oh- sorry- bitching about the “smug one” COULD be construed as censorship, eh?

  4. Are you calling George smug? Or me?

    I nice pinot grigio with havarti, please.

  5. make that “a” nice pinot grigio . . .

  6. Did I miss something??? Who is the “smug one”?

    Now about your rejections and lack of confidence…GWTW got 38 rejections, but we don’t know how many times she actually sent it in, hell, Michelle may have sent it to 100 places and the rest didn’t even reply.

    And none of us will ever know if there was another GWTW or Diary of Anne Frank written and then burned because the author got a few rejections and gave up now will we? BECASUE THEY GAVE UP!!!! Don’t let your story become one of these.

  7. Lizbeth- I call Clooney “The Smug one” because he IS smug and all his roles are “here I am, the great George Clooney” He annoys the bejesus outta me!

  8. Arabella- you know that’s what I call George- did you forget? I would NEVER call you smug! Oh and you know I dont like the Pitt boy either- go on and post him and get it over with- LOL! Havarti and pinot is gooood.

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