Questioning the whole crazy process

Why do we do this to ourselves? Pour our hearts into our stories and then send them out in the world to have their figurative teeth kicked in?  It is a question on my mind today.  I feel like I am spinning my wheels and should perhaps stick to non fiction and forget trying to break into fiction.  Things have always come easy to me and this is new territory.  Do I have what it takes to stick with  this endeavor?  I fear not.

2 Responses

  1. It’s because we love it. No, not the teeth kicked in part but the writing process. For me not only is it fun, it’s a release. My energy has to go somewhere or I’d be sitting alone holding a conversation with myself. Writing let’s me express myself in a way that I can’t normally. Will I be disapointed if no one ever reads my work? No, I’ll be devastated, but I push on because I love it. Only time will tell if I have what it takes to stick.

  2. It’s what we are…I can’t imagine not writing now. My mind needs it as a race car driver needs his next race. It’s loads of fun to see a story unwind in our minds to write it on paper. And the thought of being published is like a crazy aftermint after a loaded dinner.. just perfect… we’re here for you. Paula

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