I’m Not the One to Ask Right Now . . .

I had just gotten off the phone w/sfcatty, telling her she does have it, and she has to stick with it, when I got my rejection from Scott Eagen of Greyhaus Agency.

Seems my premise was good but my writing isn’t strong enough in terms of character development to compete in today’s tough historical market. That is more or less exact words.

Of course, I can read the subtext here:
“Jesus H. Christ, girl! This is the worst crap I have ever read. Good thing you have a real job cause you can’t write filler for a cat box liner!!!”

That was what he meant, wasn’t it?


5 Responses

  1. NO. that is not what he meant. He, at least, did not send you a form rejection. I think that is progress. As you told me, you gotta find the right place and person. he just wasn’t it.

  2. Chin up!!! From a well published author you can send it to one person, same office and one person will read it. Send it back saying not what I’m looking for…etc, etc, etc then.. 3 months later send the same thing to them someone else will read it and love it. So take it with a grain of salt my sister, and plug on.
    Now if you feel as if your character’s need more “Punch” that my friend can also be taken care of. Maybe… girls we can meet outside the group as a work shop take laptops head to a barnes and nobles and sit in a corner and work with each other for a few hours.

  3. thinking here, we can print out what we’re having problems with.. like a chapter or a section that is bothering you. Make a few copies so each of us can look over it and then you’ll have so many views.. we can have a discussion among us and the person the pages are for.. or whatever.. take notes.. see if this helps. take turns for who shows up.. bring your laptop if your needing help organizing maybe we can help there too.. need ideas.. write down too what your looking for.. it’ll have to be on a Sunday… if I come because I’d have to drive 2 hours to get there.. Paula …what do you think???

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