Greetings and salutations everyone. I haven’t been able to say hell yeah for being published yet, or any upsets, so I decided to pop in and say hello. I have finished with my first book, and find editing difficult, but mostly very boring.
I am biting my fingernails wanting to get started on something new, and exciting. Doing research is a blast and I wrote about 3 to 4 pages a few days ago, and well it didn’t save, and I ended up losing it. Frustration of it all would drive me to drink, grinning, but I hate the stuff. So instead, I plotted, and plotted and ended up with 4 to 5 pages in which I think are a lot better. We shall see…building a world is alot of fun. I’m really tickled with myself because a part of me didn’t think I could do it. And I proved myself wrong. So never, say never because if you want it.. You can do it.
I added this awesome picture for any paranormal people out there who loves fantasy. Paula Dragon Queen

6 Responses

  1. Hell yeah! Welcome Paula!!! Love the paranormal pictures, and we are looking forward to all kinds of hot steamy spooky bayou romance from you!!!

  2. Peacock feathers has to be just about the most beautiful thing on earth. Such a stunning perfect blending of colors to sooth the eyes. Great addition to our picture fun.

  3. Cool picture! I have also lost my work and it is a baaaad feeling. But getting it back better is great!

  4. Welcome Paula! I remember how upset you were but I’m so glad it’s working out. All I can say is “I TOLD U SO” Ha! Lol, I’m glad it’s working out now everyone needs to send me their muses so I can finish RIDE EM’ COWGIRL. But for now I’ll be happy in the query/editing process.

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