7 Responses

  1. He’s a cutie!

  2. I bet he would really look HOT in a kilt.

  3. http://www.franchitti.com/gallery/gallery-list.php?gallery=21&noshow=1

    Go here and there are 2 but I could not upload as were bitmaps and of course, I tried again and it came up as a jpeg! LOL

  4. If only he could have lost the shirt, lol. But hey, it says he currently is from Nashville…and where is next years RWA national…Nashville…oh the possibilities….

  5. Amen about the shirt. Yep re: nashville. Ashley Judd is his wife and she might fight ya for him! COULD be interesting!

  6. Scottish kilty goodness with an Italian name . . .

  7. I think he’d look great in a Italian suit dressed sharp..all mafia like.. winks

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