Rejection (finally)

I took the liberty of creating this category for all of us to post our Hell Yea’s! and our Oh well, better luck next time’s. I’ll go first with my oh well.

Two months, almost to the day, after submitting the partial request to a certain literary agency, I finally received a long awaited and not totally unexpected, three sentence form rejection thanking me for querying them but they’re not interested. I’m not disappointed over the rejection, since I had written off the request anyway.

I am a little disappointed at the way it was delivered however. I didn’t really “query” them in the true sense of the word, since the partial request came through the pitch session on Musetracks. The impression from the very short and to the point rejection was they just happened to get around to opening it now and prompty  rejected it, probably along with fifty others they opened today as well.

Just this week, we here at Southern Sizzle Romance got quite a laugh from a fellow writer who told of her rejection letter mistakeningly being addressed to her main character. My rejection did not even go as far as to include a “Dear Mr./Ms. Writer…” in the opening. Right now, I don’t think I would have minded even if they had addressed the rejection to the spellcaster in the manuscript, just as long as it showed they took at least a cusory glance at the submission. At this point, I’m not sure they read past the subject line.

So onward I march, along with the rest of us . (Some more so than others, Sayde. Oh, to have the kind of dedication to send out  like you do.) I guess I should send out one…again…to make four this year. In the mean time, I’ll just stand back and keep encouraging everyone else.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, hon, I am so sorry it didn’t work out. BUt remember that my query in the same “contest” was rejected after 3 days. So I feel sure that the time difference means they read yours.
    I am shocked by the indifference — dare I say unprofessionalism — shown by the powers that be in this field. I come to writing from a legal career, and I can tell you that, as bad as lawyers are often regarded, we do not treat even our worst opponents with the kind of casual contempt some editors and agents show for writers. To allow a letter to go unread for months, to send a “dear person” letter, to not give any explanation for their actions — sorry, even lawyers wouldn’t treat you like that!!

  2. I am sorry too that it was a cursory rejection and as the rejected “Dr. Striga” I know what you mean- I wonder as well about these folks that say that they want to receive queries and then we hear they are rejected. Do they ever accept any? I wonder.

  3. Sorry to hear about the rejection, it never gets easier. Although the more rejections or even requests you recieve,you become almost indifferent to the impersonal nature of the process. At this point I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many “Dear Authors” or not even addressed replies I’ve gotten. Even the requests for partials are very impersonal. I try to remember that this is a business where these agents are receiving hundreds of query letters a week and to personalize each reply would be insane. Still it never helps when the agent/editor try’s and can’t even get the right name on the reply!

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